Episode 23: 5 Stories to Watch

Here are five stories to watch over the next days, weeks, and months.

Episode 22: Fine-Toothed Comey

Fallout from the Comey hearing, and what might happen next.

Episode 21: The Paris Disagreement

Trump has pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement. What does the world do now?

Episode 20: Trump Era Violence Against the Press

From Trump’s call to expand libel laws to Greg Gianforte’s “body slam” of a reporter a day before winning the Montana Special Election for the House of Representatives, the press finds itself under assault in Trump’s America.

Episode 19: The Trump Train Derails

The past two weeks have been some of the most eventful in recent memory, with bombshell after bombshell devastating Donald Trump’s administration.

Episode 18: Climate Change End Game

Time is running out to avoid the worst effects of climate change. What can we expect for our future…and how bad could it get?

Episode 17: Health Scare

The GOP-controlled House of Representatives just voted to pass the American Health Care Act — a particularly vicious and regressive piece of legislation. What might be in store for the American health care system?

Episode 16: Is the DNC Busted Without Bernie?

Does the Democratic Party — and the American Left — have a future?

Episode 15: Even Evangelicals Chose the Charlatan

Despite his massive character flaws, disregard of religion, and “liberal” past, evangelical Christians voted in massive numbers for Donald J. Trump. Why?

Episode 14: GMOs and Monsanto

GMOs – genetically modified organisms – are ubiquitous in the U.S. food supply and in controversies raging about scientific and corporate manipulation of what we eat.

Episode 13: Malcontent in the Middle

Political polarization and the hollowing out of the political center is a noticeable trend in the United States and the world over the past few years. What are the sources of the discontent towards centrism?

Episode 12: Climates Change, Minds Don’t

Despite the overwhelming evidence showing that climate change is real and caused by human activity, millions of Americans still reject this scientific consensus. Why?

Episode 11: Weed Killers

States across America are decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana – both medical and recreational – at a rapidly increasing rate. But powerful interest groups are lobbying against these efforts.

Episode 10: Thank You for Your Service

Becoming a Marine is a three month process to train young men and women to become part of the world’s most fearsome fighting force. There is no process to teach Marines how to become civilians again.

Episode 9: Dungeons and Dividends

Over 130,000 people are incarcerated in private prisons, institutions run by companies whose main goal is profit, not rehabilitation.

Episode 8: Three Contradictions of Capitalism

Are three contradictions at the heart of capitalism – exponential growth, environmental devastation, and consumerism – potentially fatal to our economic system?

Episode 7: Dark Money Goes to College

Universities, professors, and college students are frequently the target of conservative animus. It has earned that resentment because education tends to have a liberalizing effect… or at least it did before libertarian industrialists found a way to discretely pump millions of dollars into prestigious universities to counter that.

Episode 6: Courting Authoritarianism

Trump’s “Muslim ban” was met with fierce popular resistance, media critique, and judicial defeat. In this episode, we discuss Trump’s authoritarian response.

Episode 5: F is for Fascism

What is fascism? And is the United States on the fast track to becoming a fascist society? Or is this hyperbole?