Episode 2: Privatization

When capitalism has conquered the world, where else can it expand? Not content with dominating the periphery, capitalism’s imperial project now turns inward and targets the center’s health care, infrastructure, utilities, the Post Office, and other public services and social goods.

This is privatization.

In this episode, Rob and Greg explore some theoretical underpinnings of the drive to privatize. They also discuss two specific examples of privatization occurring in American towns and cities: the takeover of water systems by private equity, and the relentless campaign to transform America’s public school system into a patchwork of for-profit charter schools.



Articles Discussed

Toxic seafood connected to warming oceans, study finds, Lauren Tousignant

The Tendency to Privatize, Alan G. Nasser

In American Towns, Private Profits From Public Works, Danielle Ivory, Ben Protess, and Griff Palmer

A Sea of Charter Schools in Detroit Leaves Students Adrift, Kate Zernike

A disturbing look at how charter schools are hurting a traditional school district, Valerie Strauss and Carol Burris


INTRO: Jon Ellig

LOGO: Jake Karcher

BUMPER: Tick Tock, Jimmy Fontanez

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